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New Bike Hostel/repair shop on the Northern Tier


Hey All.  This is Craig from Far North Cycles (check us out on FaceBook) in Republic WA.  We are located on the northern tier route, just 800' off the trail.  We feature a full service shop, road side rescue, and camping.  Starting in early spring we will be adding a bunk house, a small cabin for couples, and a wash/cook/shower house.  Multiple tent sights will be available as well.  Just please give us a message or call in advance.  This last season we had a great collection cyclist's camp and had a great time.  If there are any suggestions or requests, dont hesitate to ask.  Thanks, Ride on.  Far North Cycles, 509-207-0222.

Great! I hope to check you out next year.


Yea! Thank you for offering this opportunity to traveling cyclists. We've got you on the addenda and you will be on the newly printed map.


Also everyone, the second weekend of June is Republic's Prospector Day parade weekend.  I am hoping to have a critical mass type turn out at the parade.  I hope to have some cyclist stay over for a rest day, join us in the parade, then stay for a large bbq at our house which is right on the route.  A good rest before the next days climb. 


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