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Touring Bikes - Surly LHT vs Novarra Randonee

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I have the 2012 Randonee. Great bike, and I would buy it again in a munite.  I am about 6'0 and have the large, which I believe is 58 cm (not sure).  I recommend you try both the L & XL.

The Surly LHT is a great bike and is the most fashionable touring bike right now. But my advice is to widen your net when looking for the right bike, right bike shop, best deal, and so forth.  The bikes in this price range are generally comparable to each other and are good touring bikes. You may find one that's best for you, but it's really not possible to say that any particular model, including the LHT, is the "best," period.  I'm not knocking the LHT by any means, just saying that there are other great bikes out there as well, but with smaller fan bases.



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