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Another strike against putting a bike on a roof rack is that I have read that the high winds involved can blow the grease out of the headset and other junctures if they are not shielded. Frankly, I don't know if this is true or not. It might just be a myth.

One disadvantage to a roof rack is it will reduce your fuel economy by up to 5 mpg.  I know this from my and others' experience.  I don't know about a trunk or hitch mount, although I suspect it would be less. This is an important consideration for me.  Due to circumstances, I have to drive a lot so I bought a Toyota Corolla and can average 40 + mpg on the highway.  I put the back seats down and put the bike in the car--ergo, no effect on mpg. Also, it is easier to have the bike locked up this way.


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