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Swede going solo from Miami to New Orleans, route suggestion?

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My own suggestion would be to go New Orleans to Miami as when I did the Southern T East to West at the same time of year, I met guys flying along while I had to constantly fight the wind.

Secondly to help get off the roads check out "Rails to Trails" as I managed to incorporate several good trails into my route and they were a high light for me. 

And send me an IM as I have a house right on the Florida connector route and if I can help in anyway you would be welcome.  However, it is only a holiday home and not always there.  The offer is also open to any other long distant cyclists also.

Have fun it's a great adventure.

Thanks for some great tips, the wind issue and the "Rails to Trails" is just those types of tips I will benefit from greatly!  :)

Take barrier islands as much as possible to Jacksonville. Then, take 90. It goes right to the Big Easy.

You can get US 1 north of Vero, FL to Bunnell. Take mapped roads to Palatka. Follow mapped routes to Perry and to Wakulla Station on 19 / 98. Ocala Forest can get quite hilly. The coastal route west from Saint Marx is flat but often windy. The Saint Marx path to Tallahassee will put you on 90. There is another highway, 20 I think it is, that is south of 90 which is just as scenic as 90 and perhaps less trafficked and less hilly. So, there are 3 main routes traversing that area, 90, 20, 19/98. 90 through AL, MS and LA is fine enough.


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