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Ft Lauderdale to Key West & Marco Island to Ft Lauderdale

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Camping is feasible which I define as an onernight sleep site. Is is officially allowed? I'm not sure. People do it. I camped every time I did the Keys which has been six times so far. I have cycled the keys six times. I camped every night. I do not build fires. For me it is simply set up, sleep, wake up, pack up, go and find the nearest restaurant.

FYI That time frame is the high season here in Florida, you might want to check if camping sites are available on your route as the snowbirds are here.
And have you considered doing the "Florida Connector" route from Ft. Myers to Key West?

Bill Becker
Fort Myers, FL

Thank you for all the input!

Again, it is reassuring to hear that the route is more or less feasible, and that it has been camped before.

I am in my exam season now, but I will take a better look at the route and camping options over the next couple of weeks.

I will also look at the Florida Connector route and purchase the map. My only immediate concern is that it seems longer than the route from Marco Island to Ft. Lauderdale, which raises some concerns about fitting it into the schedule. But it may not be an issue.

Any advice on sights worth seeing in the area?

Pennecamp state park is underwater. Key west is historical. It is small and compact. Ernest Hemingway's house. Harry Truman's house. You can google it. I had a great uncle from the civil war who met his future wife there. He later became a governor of Pennsylvania. KW was a customs station during the CW.  It was occupied by union forces. Henry Flagler had a railroad built through the keys. A hurricane killed many of the people working and building that railroad. The fishing should be good. It had a reputation of being a sort of homosexual gathering area. I don't know if that is still true. There are large cruise ships operating out of that place. You can go bonefishing. There is free camping in the woods. Just don't advertise your presence. Keep it secret. Don't build a campfire. There is a southern most point marker. They have guided tours of the city in small trains. There's the Hog's Breath Saloon if it's still there. There are plenty of gorgeous women there in winter. There are many places to knock back some beers and relax. There's a historical sailboat there, or there was. They were refurbishing it. There's a naval base, air base, whatever.


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