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Gunnar Crosshairs 54cm - Steel (853 Reynolds)
« on: May 15, 2013, 04:22:48 pm »
Up for sale is a used 54cm Gunnar Crosshairs bike. It's a Reynolds 853 steel frame with Gunnar cross Crown fork. This is an extremely versatile bike ideally suited for cyclocross, commuting, or touring. I'm selling it as a complete bike with a Spinergy wheelset, including an extra Spinergy front wheel. The bike has been built up with Campagnolo Chorus groupo (a favorite when compared to Shimano Ultegra and DuraAce - read the many threads on this) running a double chainring up front and 9 speeds in the rear. And it has some nice upgrades like a Ti saddle, Ritchey WCS cranks, and a few other goodies. These are same bikes made in by the Waterford group (WI) but unlike the Waterford bikes, the Gunnar frames are not the custom geometry framsets made to order - these are built in standard sizes. These come out of the same factory with high quality standards but are built to standard sizes. This is being sold as a complete bike with extras and includes everything except for the pedals.

Here are some common reviews and comments about this bike:

"Recently received my new Crosshairs and finally have the fit dialed in. Love the bike! Super smooth and stable ride. My sincere thanks to you and your team for crafting such a superb frame and fork."

"Mine corners like a demon . . . The crosshairs is an unbelievable bike especially for the price, light enough (mine clocks in at about 19lbs in race set up) fast, responsive and goes wherever you point it."

"I've had my Crosshairs for four months; I have to say, it is an amazing ride. So smooth and stable. I've been using it mainly as a road bike and alternating it with my regular commuter bike. Thank you for building such a delightful frame."

"I have a Gunnar Crosshairs (54 cm), with matching steel fork, and I love it. It's my bike for road duty - commuting, RBC rides, mixed-surface rides, days when the trails are wet, etc . . . compared to other road bikes I've ridden it is smoooove. When I roll 32c tires on it, I call it my "magic carpet" ride."

"I recently picked up a Crosshairs and really love it. Spent 7 years on a Crosscheck and while a nice bike for the money, the Crosshairs is worth the extra $$$ IMO."

Here are the . . .

Technical Specs:
Frame Size = 54cm
Theoretical TT (mm) = 565
Head Angle (deg) = 73
Seat Angle (deg) = 73
Fork Rake = 42
Trail = 63
Chainstay Length = 430
Wheelbase = 1010mm
SO Height (mm) = 800

Key measurements in inches:
Seatmast (actual -- in) = 21.25
Effective TT (in) = 22.25
Chainstay (in) = 17
Wheelbase (in) = 39.75
Stand-over Height (Inches) = 31.5

Key specs:
Brakes: Cantilever.   
Steerer tube: 1 inch   
Seatpost: 27.2mm   
Seatpost clamp: 28.6   
Bottom bracket width/threading: 68mm wide/English (BSA) threading.   
Rear dropout spacing 130mm.   

Component list:
Drivetrain (Derailleurs, shifters, cassette, chain) - Campagnolo Chorus 9 speed which is fully backward and forward compatible and rebuildable unlike Shimano - largely regarded as superior to Shimano Ultegra and a rival to DuraAce - read the many threads about this to see for yourself.
Wheels - Spinergy XAero 700c
Crankset - Ritchey WCS
Brakes - Avid V-Brakes (can offer up XT V-brakes or Avid cantilever brakes if preferred)
Bars - Cinelli Groove (42)
Seatpost - Race Face
Saddle - Specialized Ti

A note about Campagnolo Chorus for those more familiar with Shimano groups - Campy is backwards and forwards compatible, meaning you can mix and match different components from Campy 10 speed groupos. Ergo shifters, as well as their derailleurs, are completely rebuildable if one should get damaged by a crash etc. A friend broke an 8 speed ergo shifter in a crash and had the internals placed in a a new ergo shifter body for less then half the price of a new individual shifter.

With regard to asking price, I'm reasonable. The current Gunnar Cross Hairs pricing is $900 for the frame, and $300 for the fork. $1200 for frame and fork plus shipping and tax. I'm asking less than that for a complete bike with an extra wheel and lots of top shelf components. This is easily a $2,500+ bike spec'd like this. It could use a derailleur adjustment and light truing of the wheels. The paint on the Gunnar's is remarkably thin. Commuting on a bike with thin paint means there are chips (touched up to prevent corrosion), scratches, or scuffs on the paint mostly due to the fact that the early Crosshairs were made in very small numbers and hand welded in their factory in WI, then painted without a clearcoat. Gunnar will repaint the bike for $375 in any currently stocked color. Powder-coaters will charge $150 for stock colors. The end result will be a virtually brand new bike when done. I've complained to Gunnar since this is a known issue for their bikes, but to no avail. If you want a perfect cosmetic bike then plan to either powdercoat it in the color of your choice, or you can live with it the way it is. Please note frame saver has been applied annnually to the frames inner tubes as that is just the right thing to do for steel bikes.

Come by and see it any time this. I can also show it in Kirkland on weekdays, or Capitol Hill after 5PM or on the week-ends. I will ship this bike anywhere in the US or Canada for actual shipping charges and no packaging fees.

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