Author Topic: Advice - looking to ride from Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA. Any recommendations?  (Read 1724 times)

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Offline Erick

I am looking to ride from Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA. Any recommendations on the route I should take?

Offline Pat Lamb

Go to the home page (top right of this page) and click on routes.  Easy way would be the east coast to southern tier to San Diego, then up the Pacific coast to L.A.  The AC maps have done most of the planning work for you, and they're worth many times more than the cost.  By the time you hit Arizona and California, you'll be confident enough to decide if you want to plot a route straight into L.A.

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A good place to start is to take a look at our route network map available as a pdf here:

The route you are likely to be most interested in checking out are the Florida Connector ( or Atlantic Coast section 7 (, Southern Tier ( and Pacific Coast section 5 (

For any of it that doesn't suit you, contact the bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for the state in which you need routing. Contact info found here:

Once you've got some route ideas in mind (and time of year you want to ride), check in for feedback.

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