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El Paso to Grand Canyon to TA in CO to NTier to Bellingham WA. Start date?


Hi and thanks in advance for your expertise.
Instead of beginning in WA at the Canadian line above Bellingham, WA around mid June....and wondering/hoping roads are good, I wonder if finishing there, starting at Mexico/ElPaso border, would allow for an earlier start (May in El Paso, vs mid June in WA) to take this route where I go west on ST to GC connector to West Express to CO meeting the TA to the NT to west again over cascades to destination above Bellingham.
Earlier, I had asked about going North to South, and comments stated I would need to wait till June to leave WA due to snow pack, and even then the dates are fuzzy....thinking if I left earlier in TX i could maybe make it to CO when everything is good to go weather wise, and then be in warmer weather by the time I hit the Montana area (I like warmer!), with no road issues.
Thoughts?..and thanks

Nater -

I run up the Rockies a bunch of times south to north.
I think it's the best direction to go in late spring/early summer -
although ACA recs north to south for the GDMBR.

Here's a link to one of my crazyguy journals - starting at about Day 30

The advantages of south to north are threefold -
1. The rainy season in the New Mex begins in late June - in Montana it ends then.
2. Winds tend to be generally southerly in summer Rockies, although variable.
3. You will have the sun at your back for much of the riding day.

You will have the best direction for riding Going to the Sun Road in Glacier - E to W.
(Provided you use US 89 from Yellowstone to Glacier)
The weather on the Northern Tier will be ideal.

And there's no requirement that you adhere strictly to ACA routes - esp in the West.

wow!...thanks so much for that. This was the kind of "hidden" info that I was looking for. I would have not had any idea about any of it....I just kept getting the sense that June in Montana and WA was going to be less fun that it could/should be...This really helps me. I will check out the link. THANK YOU for taking the time to help. I will pass it on out there....


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