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Hi.. I live in Monroe Township - Middlesex county.  Currently i only have my Mointain Bike.  I couldnt join my friends which most of them ride with road bikes. :(

Thanks for the info and I will check those.

People tour on MTBs. I crossed the country with a group of people, one of whom rode a full-susppension MTB towing a B.O.B. trailer. My GF's first tour (in '09) was on a MTB. Montana, British Columbia and Alberta back into Montana.

If you could get a ride to Port Jervis, you could follow the route I suggested to Lambertville then stay on the D&R canal path. That would take you pretty close to home. There is also train service to PJ from Seacaucus Jct. I was able to rent a car from Philly. Surprisingly, Avis offered one-way rental to PJ.

You could also take the D&R system to Frenchtown and then make your way to Spruce Run recreation area, which opens May 1, camping at Upper Black Eddy, PA along the way. The camping area at Spruce Run is on the reservoir. Heard and saw some loons when we stayed there last Easter. If you were to stay there two nights you could take a day ride out and back on the nearby Columbia Trail, from High Bridge to Califon and beyond. Very pretty, especially during the spring when things are blooming. I can get you from Frenchtown to Spruce Run without too much climbing, but some climbing is unavoidable.

I have done many short tours on my mountain bike!  Definitely for a starter tour I would consider some of the areas near the Delaware River.  It's just lovely; I particularly love the area just north of Delaware Water Gap. 
(obie, originally from Bergen County)

I have been corresponding with the OP via PM. Sounds like he might be interested in the ACA section in NJ. One word of advice for anyone else who is: The upper section of Old Mine Rd. between U.S. 206 and Dingman's Ferry/CR 650 is in pretty bad shape in places. Some pot holes (some big) and ruts. During an organized century in October I talked to a couple who lives on that section. They expect it to get worse if the winter is bad due to plowing. It's still worth riding, however, The nice thing is that there is usually so little trraffic you can usually dodge road hazards without having to worry about cars. The fall can be tricky. Downed leaves obscured some of the road defects. NPS 615 from Wallpack south is in pretty good shape. The lower section of Old Mine from the end of NPS 615 to the top of the climb is banged up. The descent to Millbrook and the rest of Old Mine all the way to I-80 is in decent shape. Definitely obey the seemiingly out of place traffic light near the end. As the sign warns, the road gets extremely narrow. There is no room for a vehicle and a bike to pass with any degree of safety, hence the uni-drectional traffic.

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--- Quote from: JMilyko on December 19, 2012, 09:21:10 am ---Hi cmtbiz,

Welcome to bicycle travel and Adventure Cycling!

I'm not sure where in NJ you are but you might want to take a peek at these two Bikeovernights in NJ for inspiration:

The only mapped routing we have in New Jersey is the Atlantic Coast Route, Section 2:

Hope this helps get you going.


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ACA's Bike Overnight is a great site. An overnight trip can be good practice. You can learn how to pack, what to take and how the bike handles and get it all sorted before going on a longer trip. And overnight trips can be excellent escapes to recharge the mental batteries!


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