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What is the best telephone & telephone service for cross country touring.."

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--- Quote from: Westinghouse on December 22, 2012, 05:18:35 am ---I used a cheapo cell phone from Wal Mart on the southern tier from FL to CAL. There were two places I could not get a connection, Ocala National Forest in Florida, and Jacumba east of Pine Valley, California.
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The limitation is not the phone itself but the service provider.  The Wal Mart nearest me offers "pay as you go" phones using either AT&T or TracFone so your coverage is dependent on which you choose. 

There are several cross country routes. Each one will have long stretches where there is no econoimical reason for a phone company to provide total coverage. There are stretches where you will be in canyons where line-of-sight simply cannot be maintained. You will be in tiny towns where coverage is supplied by a roaming provider that may add signficant charges to your service and you will decide not to use the phone even though your service map says you're covered. And coverage is constantly changing as systems are upgraded and new service areas become revenue generators.

Learn to cherish those times when your phone simply does not connect.

I've been with Sprint for more than ten years. I have no complaints about their coverage or their customer service. But I have NOT ridden my bike across the country.

I have tried almost all of the major cell provider and I would say Verizon has the best coverage/signal.  T-Mobile is the weakest as compared to Verizon and AT&T. 

Forget about Sprint... it's the worst of the pack.  They advertised unlimited text/call/data.. but many times they are spotty. I guess that's the reason why they are so bold to offer unlimited for everything... because their data service just doesn't work and that's why it doesn't cost them any bandwidths.


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