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self-guided support on lewis and clark

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--- Quote from: pdlamb on December 21, 2012, 01:54:13 pm ---Sounds like you want a "supported" tour.  AC has Cycle Montana, which might be what you're looking for.
--- End quote ---

If you are open to a supported tour of this nature, last year I did a good portion of the route ACA will use for Cycle Montana in 2013 during an unsupported loop tour of my own out of Missoula. (Days 1-4 and Day 6.) It's quite nice. Day 4 is particularly nice. The view from Big Hole Pass is wondeful as are the meadows and the descent on the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway. Saw a moose with calf outside of Jackson and a herd of antelope near Polaris.

As DaveB notes, you can get by with very little in the way of gear if you are planning to motel it. With a little planning and some route modifications, you could do the loop I did and sleep indoors. Send me a PM if you want details.


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