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Durability of Dry Bags?

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--- Quote from: yukon2012 on December 27, 2012, 11:29:23 am ---Thanks everyone.

Bogiesan, yeah I've taken a small umbrella on many backpacking trips and it's come in very handy. Thanks for the tip.

I live in the Yukon and (when it warms up in a few months) I will try a test-drive bike tour from Whitehorse, to Skagway, to Haines AK and return. I'll have a chance to see how a drybag holds up.
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"Dry Bags" not withstanding, consider packing everthing that can be damaged or uncomfortable if wet in Zip-Lock bags.  The 1-gallon and 2-1/2-gallon sizes are great protection and also great see-through organizers making things easy to find.

Hello everyone!
My name is Sheela and I got into this Forum to find out which is the best option to buy a waterproof bag so I could go for some outdoor activities, the bag needs to be capable of keeping my personal belongings dry!
Could you guys help me out on this search?
I need a bag pack that I could adapt to my bicycle, the size should be medium, and about the price???? Well...., you know, the cheaper the better! Don't forget to keep in mind quality, sometimes the cheapest option makes you purchase twice!
Ok, Thanks to all for any possible help!

It depends on how rough you treat them.  I have had good luck with Sea to Summit Evac dry sacks.

I wasn't satisfied with the wear of the Sea to Summit Ultrasil ones but I was pretty hard on them so they may be OK if you treat them more carefully.  I used them directly strapped onto a rack and they were pretty beat up and patched with duct tape after one coast to coast trip.

The heavier duty ones I now use areĀ  they do still require some care in handling, but are more durable.

The Ultrasil ones are are lighter and would be fine if handled carefully.

if you will be carrying a sleeping pad, how about rolling it around the dry bag before strapping it down?

We've been on the road for more than 8 months now and our Ortlieb dry bags seem to be holding up pretty good. I carry a tent with poles and stakes as well as a UL tarp and its pole in mine. If anything would have rubbed a hole in my bag, it would have been the tarp pole for sure. My wife carries our down sleeping bag in hers. So far they've seen action from Florida to DC, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, France, England, and Scotland. Lots of camping!


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