Author Topic: I quit a ST trip in2010. I was slow and ran out of time. Going ultralight. Tips?  (Read 12216 times)

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For ultralight try some of those hiker-backpacker sites. They seem to have gotten ultralight down to a fine science.

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Great thread and replies. I don' think 10-15 lbs of extra gear has to be blamed as the deal breaker for a trip. Bad weather day after day challenges the misery tolerance threshold no matter what the bike or the gear. Everyone has their own "guit" threshold. Camping in bad weather day after day sucks. A motel at the end of bad days of riding is a cure-all if you can afford it. I had 9 of 10 weeks of great weather in 08 and only 2 of 6 weeks in 2012.

Expect misery and relish the days you don' t get it?