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Do not use T-Mobile. On the Sierra Cascade route I had no reception for over 500 miles from southern OR to the middle of CA! Plus the south side of Mt Rainier in WA was dead to T-M. In those spans other suppliers worked when T-mobile didn't (I borrowed phones to call home etc.) Mind you, T-M is cheap   :-[

John Nelson:

--- Quote from: NKemp on January 08, 2013, 04:44:59 pm ---If you want to use the Verizon network but don't want to pay the Verizon prices look into Page Plus Cellular.  They use the Verizon network.

--- End quote ---
Take Dubois, WY as an example. Page Plus is going to hit you up for a roaming charge there, but Verizon won't.

I would use a Verizon phone and carry an extra spare unlock phone for pay-per-use sim card plans. I do that with my other travels.  When I get to a place that my phone will starts to roam, I will use the spare phone.  T-Mobile makes me scream with madness because of no signal.

If you want to buy an iPhone here for smartphone capabilities, Verizon did offer the iPhone 4S in a "global" variety that also has a slot for a GSM SIM chip for while traveling. I work for a German company and have one so that I can use my Verizon phone when traveling in Europe. Maybe you could find one used either in Europe or when arriving in the US, so at least it wouldn't be a total waste when you get back to Germany.

Verizon is not terribly good price-wise here in the US, though.


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