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Bike Hermit:
I agree with the comments about being visible and predictable. Also, know the laws and ordinances where you are riding and try to follow them. IMO, most of the anti cyclist sentiment is caused by team strip wearing middle of road riding "racers" or by tight pants wearing tattooed hipster messenger wannnabes. I think drivers are more courteous when they see a relatively normally dressed individual on a  bike with racks and bags. Maybe that's just my bike touring snobbery shining through  :D

I actually agree with you.

as a tourer people consider you something as an adventurer; which many people have a lot of respect for. Alos you're a less common sight making you stand out more to begin with; so those two things combined might make motorists pay more attention to you and be more cautious.

the opposite happens too.; people who have a bad bias against those wannabe racers etc; are anyed by you even before you do anything wrong..

So perspective matters a lot. people will give little kids on their bike waay more room than adults,... many example where the mindset of the motorist plays a large role

kind regards,


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