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I think its this one... it was mentioned by the same announcer D&D and he doesnt want to have that available in the market.  Why does he hates so much? lol

A lot of the frustration comes of both drivers and cyclists not/hardly understanding eachother. I believe that a lot can be done by better educating both groups. The main rule should be to use common sense and being courteous to, and cautious of other road users, regardless of your rights. And that counts for every road user.

Now cycling is something that is still gaining a lot of popularity in the US where cars were (and still are) king for a vast amount of time. Many people are not used to bicycles and hardly know how to deal with them in traffic. For instance  people are often not aware of the suction effect when passing a cyclist at high speed. These are things that can be included in drivers eduction for the new drivers. But is harder to bring down to the older generation of drivers.

The same counts for cyclists. Over here in belgium (when i was young at least) cycling was an important chapter in elementary school. A lot of time was spent on riding skills and traffic law.

Now as a cyclist you should be aware that you are in a very weak position on the road. So act accordingly. And whatever happens, stay friendly, assume that people just make mistakes and don't mean you any harm.

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I know.. I personally experienced that suction effect as a cyclist.  That's one of the reason that I am still scared of riding long distance on highways if there are no other options for bike lanes.  I personally drive slow passing a cyclist and if condition permits, I would go over half the other lane just to make sure not to get too close to the cyclist.  I am more afraid that I might kill/injure the cyclist than hitting head-on from on-coming cars. I agree that many car driver do not know how a cyclist ride on the road, they never experience that.  They also probably thinking why dont the cyclist go to the side when cars coming by from behind. We cant simply do that with the rough unpaved road or maybe worse with those no shoulder at all. 

Rachel Maddow recently did a great piece on the definition of "Troll". What the radio guy is doing is getting his ratings up by inciting the demographic that listens to his station to call in and rant about some other group. We have the same issues here in MN.

- Obey the law
- Practice courtesy and respect even when it is not returned
- Stay visible and signal your intent
- Realize that many non-cyclists aren't aware of cycling laws and practices and that there has been very little done to educate them in a civil and productive manner

It bothers me when riders fail to give right of way to those who legally should have it or are otherwise discourteous or rude. Not everyone does it, but it doesn't take many instances before everyone on two wheels gets a reputation by association. How we act does reflect on other riders and vice-versa so we should all be advocating for improved relationships with drivers and pedestrians beginning with conducting ourselves as civil and mature human beings.

In my ideal world, we'd all drive and ride like we had each other's backs instead of as if we were in each other's way.


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