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Portland ME to Baxter State Park round trip


In the near future,I plan on doing this over 3-4 weeks.Round trip is around 470+ miles.It wont be like doing a pure speed ride,I would guess around 40-50 miles a day,with hills and some picture taking.I'm not a conditioned long distance rider..a few rides of about 35 miles has been my limit thus far at a leisurely pace.

I will be doing this solo,with stealth camping,but with contingencies for staying in a town if need be.But more to be out and alone and enjoying nature.Ive researched my route,my equipment,food,water,electronics,etc. I can visualize the trip in mind.Kinda of doing it by "legs" between towns.

I just was wondering if there is any advice I havent seen online,either here or elswhere.Thanks!

check BSP for the latest bike regulations. I know you can ride along the tote road, but you cannot bike to roaring brook if that is your goal...   


Thanks Jay.....I had planned on using the Abol campground to camp,climb it..then tour around on the Tote rd for various pics before heading back.


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