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It was a legitimate question and much thanks for the response. I am drooling for this but at 47 I only get a 2 week vacation per year and would like to do a couple of sections from NC and would like to study some maps. Therefore I would like to purchase the number of maps that include all of Virginia. Could I get some contact information from the seller?

Sorry so long for a response. I just moved cross country and started a new job. I now only have the TransAm & Atlantic maps left. And as someone has said the maps are for both directions.

To cover all of the entire Virginia portion of the TransAm route would require the Sec 11 & 12. Section 11 will also cover some of Kentucky however.

I will take the atlantic coast maps.
Let me know what you have available.
Thank you,


I still have the Atlantic Coast sections 4,5,6.


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