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700 x 32 mm Continental Gatorskin Hardshell Tires
« on: January 15, 2013, 02:29:52 pm »
I bought two sets of Continental Gator Hardshell tires in 700/32 mm with the intention of using them for a ride this summer. I am trying to set up my touring rig as light weight as possible, I think I have the gear weight down to about 27 lbs. The Gator Hardshells are fast on the flats and offer lots of protection, but they dont give the lively feel that the Marathon Supremes have.
I just got the tires, I took a short ride with one set, the other I just mounted and took off. Both sets are as new. I really like my standard Gatorskin tires which are slightly lighter and give a bit more lively feel than the Hardshells.

I would think the Gator Hardshells would be a great tire for folks that are not into lightweight, performance touring, but want a tire that gives great flat protection. I have two pairs of the tires and am selling them for 50.00 a pair. If you want to try a pair, this is a cheap way to give it a try. BTW, these normally sell for 70.00 each, so its a pretty good deal to give them a try,



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