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--- Quote from: Itinerant Harper on February 09, 2013, 12:12:46 pm ---I wrote two extensive posts on my blog last year about my experience with various charging systems. Not a comprehensive overview - I tended to research extensively first and settle on a specific system. So these reports are based on my experience of a couple of systems on long tours.

Charging Systems
Charging Systems Revisited

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IH, thank you for the links! Great reading and well-documented research.


--- Quote from: Pat on February 08, 2013, 11:47:20 am ---Hi,I bought one of those at an REI used gear sale, complete with X on it.  I toured with it last summer, and was usually able to keep my old Garmin Edge charged with it, or the battery pack.  But I was always happy to see an unused outlet.  You can buy an insert which lets you charge AA or AAA batteries.I also just bought an ORANGE JOOS, and it proudly sports another X on it.  I'm experimenting with charging and discharging it.  I need to find some better instrumentation if I'm going to do very much, though.Thanks for the feedback,Pat

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The Goal Zero Nomad 7 is twice the collection surface and delivers twice the energy output compared to the model I have, the 35 which is really "3.5."
I'll be riding all summer with the iPhone in GPS mode using MapMyRide and other apps, sucking power form the Goal Zero 4-AA pack or running from the solar panel which might be lashed to the fairing on my recumbent.

Hi All
I have a B&M Son 20 generating front hub. it has about 6w power. I have it wired to a 'The Plug' which is inserted into the top of the steering tube. The Plug has a usb port. I mount my smart phone or light directly next to it and plug it in, easy as pie. I use my phone with iBike as my bike computer. I find the generator will keep the phone charged at whatever level it starts at. This is pretty phenomenal as the gps is going and sucks a lot of power. The light is no problem. In fact, a friend's light was dying, we plugged it in. After a few minutes it had enough power to come on from cold dead!
One note: I have to be going about 12 mph to get the smart phone charging, under that it wanes slowly.
Enjoy the touring.
Dave from Madison, WI


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