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Why not go for the middle ground? the brooks flyer; it's the suspended version of the B17. I have it and I love it.


I own both the B17 and the Flyer. Both saddles are the same except that the Flyer has springs.

I rode across America on the aged version of the B17 and was happy. However it would be nice to have a bit more cushioning. Thus I was looking for a spring saddle.

Before buying the Flyer I was told (in a forum) that the springs would be rock hard. Very much unlike the springs on the B66, which should be softer. I chose the Flyer and not the B66 because it looked too wide for me.

Now, I have to say that the springs are truly rock hard. I weigh 155 pounds and hardly feel any suspension - it feels almost like the B17.


Thanks Lucas.  I am waiting for a reply from Wallbike and am leaning toward B17 for me and the B17s for my wife.  I figure with their return policy we can't go wrong.
Thanks all for your input...Joe


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