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New to cycling and taking a loop around America

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Teepee Tommy:
Hey, John. I am East Tennessee about an hour and a half from Damascus, Va.


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Second, you'll be hitting the southern tier as things start to heat up.  I don't know what the temperatures are like in the southwest deserts around April-May, but it could be hot.  Not impossible, but it could be a challenge.

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A few years ago I rode across USA on a motorcycle from FL to AZ stricktly following the Southern Tier bike route. I did the entire stretch in 14 days in the 1st 2 weeks of April. The temperatures were very comfortable, with the following remarks:

Its all about elevation: You might encounter snow in Eastern New Mexico, at least I had a bit of snow on HWY 152 east of Silver City. But as soon as you drop into the Phoenix area, things start to heat up. I would not hesitate to do it.


If you haven't already done it get a professional bike fitting, your body, particularly your knees and ass will thank you forever. What may feel comfortable when you're new to a bike may actually be bad for you. e.g. many novices have too low a saddle height. Bad for knees. If it's too high, bad for ass. Similar considerations apply for handle bar height, in this case it can be your back that suffers. And it's more than comfort; when your bike fits right you deliver more power to the pedals. I paid to have my Trek 520 fitted; it was like the bike was ten pounds lighter. The main problem was my saddle being about 2" too low. A fitted bike is much less tiring to ride.


What model Trek is that?

Who makes the paniers and rack?

What other goodies do you have on the bike that are not obvious to the novice eye?




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