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Recommendation for a 1 week solo tour in warm weather region in March

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Thank you everyone for the great suggestions.  I never thought it would be so hard to choose a place to go.  It seems the more choices one has, the greater the difficulty in making a decision!

Last March we stayed in Patagonia, Arizona, mountain biking locally and followed the Arizona trail to Tucson.  Weather and riding were great.  While we were in Patagonia, an Adventure Cycling tour came thrrough, and they seemed to be having a good trip.  It is full for this year but you might look at their itinerary:

I'll second (or third) the recommendation for southeast Arizona, starting in Tucson.  The weather is generally fine; scenery is great; and traffic usually light.  A couple of days could be added to the Adventure Cycling tour mentioned above by riding riding to south to Nogales (on the Mexican border) from Tucson, then northeast to Patagonia to get on the A.C. route. 

I live in Sierra Vist in about the center of the tour route area.  If you select this area for your tour, contact me at  I can give you details of area roads and potential side trips and could put you up for a night.


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