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10 years of experience touring on an S&S coupled bicycle

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--- Quote from: cgarch on February 09, 2013, 09:24:58 pm ---[Couple of comments - I've traveled with our tandem on Amtrak several times. On Amtrak it is only necessary to remove the bars. I turn my 10 degree up threadless stem over so it fits in the box better. No retainer needed and it makes is easier to maneuver the bike into the box. No reason too that you couldn't spin it around and lash to the top tube. Now that Amtrak no longer takes tandems my investment in S&S couplers is paying for itself. Be sure you have the little clicking torque tool for the bars.

The S&S wrench includes a 15mm slot for pedals (in case you were wondering what that slot was for) . . no extra wrench necessary unless you have pedals that don't have a wrench face (some Shimano SPDs are like this). If you put the pedals on with this wrench, you will most likely be able to get them off.

Santa Rosa CA

--- End quote ---
A couple of comments on your comments:

I find removing the bars from the stem  more labor intensive than removing the bars and stem as a unit and, since you turn the stem over and have to retension the headset anyway, why not use the Problem Solvers clamping spacer and avoid that too.

My S&S wrench did not include a 15 mm pedal slot so they must have redesigned it since I bought mine.  Pedals that do not have 15 mm flats have a hex recess in the interior face of the axle that usually takes a 6 mm allen key.   One of those is easy to pack too.


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