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SOLD: Bike Friday Triple Tandem Traveller XL, $3,000.00
« on: March 08, 2013, 11:23:31 am »
This is the ultimate family touring rig.  I'll post the eBay and Craigslist links for more pics and details.  Email or call with any questions.  Thanks,

Chuck Cavanaugh
609 334 8802

Okay, I lowered my price:  you cannot touch a rig like this at this price anywhere else.

The kids are grown and, sadly, it’s time to part with our beloved Bike Friday. This bike has done thousands of miles all over the world.  It was also our daily transport to school, shopping, etc.  Despite that, it looks great – certainly it has plenty of scuffs and scratches, but I am very meticulous about how I take care of bikes and this thing shows that.

Mechanically, it is perfect – shifting is precise and consistent, brakes are smooth with newish pads.  All cables are in good shape.  In short, this bike performs as if it were right out of the shop.

If you are familiar with Bike Friday , skip this paragraph.  BF is (primarily) a travel concept.  The bike and trailer are disassembled and fit into the case - or cases with tandems and triples, like this.  The cases can easily be shipped or checked as regular airline luggage.  Upon arrival, the bike is reassembled and the cases become your travel trailer.  A simple and completely self-contained operation.

Bike Friday is well-known for their expert craftsmanship and quality.  This bike will give you years - and as many miles as you can pedal - of care-free travel and daily usage.

I am 5’10”, 175lbs  but the front seat can accommodate almost anyone.  The rear two seats were for my kids (from age 4 to 14) but, again, can adjust to fit much taller people.  I also have two sets of crank shorteners that you can have if you want.  This setup is perfect for one adult and two kids or two adults and one kid.  Even three smaller adults would work.

The center section can be removed and this bike converted into a regular 2 seat tandem.

What it has:  Shimano Deore LX brakes, SRAM Dual-Drive 27-speed gearing and a drum brake.  A few other upgrades but everything else is pretty much stock Bike Friday stuff. The pedals and saddles are fine, but nothing fancy.

If you do your research, you will realize the price is very fair.   Much less than I paid and would cost approximately $5,800 new. If I don’t get my price, I am happy to keep it for the grandkids.  However, if you do not need the trailer and cases, I’ll keep them and lower the price $500.00.

It is best if you can come look at it in person (at the Jersey shore) but I can pack and ship it for $100.00.
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Re: New Price: Bike Friday Triple Tandem Traveller XL, $3,000.00
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Price reduced.