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Local Agency Input to USBRS
« on: April 23, 2009, 03:32:10 pm »
Hi Ginny,

Is there a process for local agencies and/or the public to provide input on proposed bicycle routes for their area? Is all input channeled through the state?


Joe Fish
Transportation Planner
City of Bloomington, IN

Hi Joe,
While the state DOT is ultimately responsible for submitting the USBR application to AASHTO; I believe most states will seek input from local agencies, their districts and bicycling groups and organizations. For example, the State DOT in Michigan (see the thread in the other topic area under USBR 20) has given Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance the go ahead to develop the route and that group is seeking input from every government agency and city/township along the corridor.

And I have recently been in contact with the Indiana State Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator (see the other topic area under New Route between St. Louis and Louisville). I don't know what IN DOT's plans are with implementing US Bike Routes at the moment, but I am sure Michael would want to work with you and other city planners and local governments as the process moves forward. Whether he spearheads progress or the DOT authorizes a group of volunteers or organization, has yet to be determined. I am working on a short survey which I will be sending out to all the State DOTs to ascertain what level of interest they have in the USBRS and if they need support (and what kind of support). I imagine I will have a lot more information for you very soon!

So the short answer, get in touch with Michael and I will work on this end to find out if we can get a group to help move planning and routing for the USBR in Indiana forward.

All the best,
Ginny Sullivan

Ginny Sullivan