Author Topic: Burley Nomad Bike Trailer Like New w/extra Tires and Tubes - $250 Boulder, CO  (Read 1534 times)

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I am selling a Burly Nomad bike trailer that is in excellent condition and has been used for less that 100 miles. This trailer retails for $350 The tires that are now on it are the stock Kendas' that have never been used. The trailer comes built and with all the mounting hardware, cover, gear gates and instructions. You can have it mounted and ready to ride in 3 minutes.

I will include an extra pair of Schwalbe Marathon's with tubes (which also have less than 100 miles on them) for the posted price. The Schwalbe tires are lighter and more durable than the Kendas', and they cost $35 each plus the tubes so you will be getting an extra $80 in kit. If you do not want the extra tires I will sell just the trailer for $200 which is a great deal for a nearly unused unit.

Here is the specs on the trailer (REI website):

Here is the link to the Craigslist ad with numerous photos:

Thanks for looking.

Email if interested: