Author Topic: WTB - XL/62ish offroad touring bike or frame: Ogre, Fargo, Safari, Monstercross  (Read 2951 times)

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Offline sprocket47

Looking for a:

Salsa Fargo
Surly Ogre
Gunnar Rock Tour
Novara Safari
Rivendell Hunqpillar - or maybe Atlantis
Other kind of Monstercross bike

For gravel road/trail touring. Great Divide style.

I'm 6'3", if that helps.

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Offline kjpdubs

Hey Sprocket,
    I don't know if you are still in the market but I have posted my 2009 Safari with the XL frame. I'm asking $650 for it. You could check your local REI to see if it'll fit. I'm 6'2" and while it felt a bit tight with the butterfly handlebars, it is fine with the gull wings I put on. Otherwise in very good condition. Ken

Offline kenatay

I have a Generation 1 Fargo frame and fork in XL that is in immaculate/like new condition. I recently came across a deal on the same frame in ti so stripped her down. Frame has maybe 200 miles on it. Getting ready to post on ebay so if interested, let me know. $325 and probably looking at about $75 to ship.