Author Topic: video: cycling Mt Ventoux (4 times in a day, 4 different routes): 191km + 6126m  (Read 1594 times)

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Hello !
There is a challenge about Mont Ventoux for cyclists. You can be member of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux ( ) if you cycle this legendary climb 3 times in a day from 3 different directions (starts: Bedoin, Malaucene, Sault ) - it is 4443 m heightdifference. THis is the Cinglés level.
If you cycle 4 different ascents of the Ventoux (4th one goes up from Bedoin but using a dirt forestry road) you can get the Galérien level. I did it in the year of 2010 and finished the day (starting and finishing the camp) after 191 kms + 6126 m heightdifference.
I recorded video and edited music to the background and I think it's a good video about the beauty and the feeling about cycling Mont Ventoux.
I think this is the mountain which is the most visited by cyclists.
There are good sections about the descent (with music) at 11. minutes, then at 24:15 or from 32. minutes.
The video can be found here:

Have a good time and enjoy it ! :)

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