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It impresses me as form overwhelming function.  Heavy and structurally suspect.  Blackburn racks are well regarded and both lighter and less expensive. 

Certainly looks pretty but not sure if I would want anything close to 77lbs on it. One weld and the thing would fail. 

Having said that, depending on your needs, tubus, Old Man Mountain, certainly would make more/better functional racks I think.


It is a strange choice for touring. Although weight rating is adequate, it lacks triangulation usually associated with a strong bicycle frame. I would also be concerned with maintaining a wood top on tour.

I agree with the other comments.  It is a poor choice, heavy expensive, and judging by appearance poorly designed.  If on a budget or just frugal get a Blackburn EX-1, one of the Axiom touring models, or similar.

If you really want to spend more, buy a Tubus.  Personally I think Tubus is overkill though.

Blackburn racks.  EX-1 for the rear.  FL-1 lowrider for the front.  $80 for both racks.


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