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Garmin 62s, can't view the Divide route after loading, help?

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Have a Garmin 62s which holds 2000 waypoints.  I deleted most of the info like hotels, etc. to narrow waypoints to under 2000.  I loaded the entire route on my Garmin but can only view the last loaded map even though I downloaded all the maps to the Garmin.  Not sure what's going on, I used Map Source and the ACA Divide gps waypoints and routes.  I do have an NT North America in the sd card slot, but the internal memory should handle this entire route without affecting the sd card.  What the heck am I doing wrong?
Thank You for your help...

Exactly how did you load the routes from MapSource to 62s?

Try any and all of the following:

* Use BaseCamp. MapSource is discontnued. The last update was from more than two years in October 2010.
* Load files manually from your computer to the 62s. From BaseCamp or MapSouce, save a GPX file of each route. Then copy the files onto a folder called "GPX" on the 62s.
* Copy routes without their waypoints.

* In MapSource or BaseCamp, for each route, choose to "recalculate" that route. Then save it as GPX, and copy as in step 2 above.
* Otherwise, when you do a transfer from within MapSource or BaseCamp, select only the "routes" option. This should not use any of waypoints memory on the GPS unit. Of course you can then use that memory to load points of interests for hotels, restaurants, and others.
* Review the route after you "recalculate" it to make sure it is still following the intended route. Otherwise, adjust manually or revert to straight lines between route points.Does any of this work?

Hello, thanks for your reply.  I downloaded Base Camp.  I then uploaded the whole Divide route with waypoints to my computer under MY Collection in Base Camp.  The extension is gdb not gpx.  Do I just rename it as gpx instead of the gdb extension?
Might need to be walked through this.  What happened the first time was I could only view the last map I loaded.  EX.  the last file I downloaded from the ACA gps map of the route, even though I loaded all the maps into my gps I could only view the last one I loaded not all of them.
Also is it best to just load the route or should I load the waypoints and routes?
Thank you for your help.

I will try my best to walk through loading the files step by step. Send me some feedback what is working & what is not.

The steps below are using BaseCamp v4.1.1 on Mac computer.

* Connect your Garmin GPS unit to the computer. It should now appear as an external storage drive. Two drives may appear in case you have an SD card inserted in the unit.
* Back in BaseCamp software, filter My Collection to routes:

* Select My Collection
* In the box at the bottom left corner of the screen, locate the "gear" symbol next to the title My Collection
* Select the gear symbol
* Select View Detailed Data List from the menu
* Select Routes from the menu of choices at the top
* Locate the route or routes you want to load on the unit. You can also select all. For a start to keep it simple and check that it worked, choose two or three. For example, from the first Great Divide file GD01V009.gpx select the first three routes: M011A1, M011A2, and M011A3.
* Right-click on the three routes.
* Select Send to Device from the menu.
* Choose to transfer the routes only or with their waypoints. The choice depends on how you want to manage the route. I leave this as a separate discussion to review separately. For the purpose of this discussion, choose routes only without waypoints. It does not make a difference to the result.
* Once the transfer is complete, quit BaseCamp and eject your GPS unit properly. This will make sure all the data was transferred.
* VoilĂ . The files should now be on your GPS unit.Turn on your GPS unit and look for the routes. Do you find all three routes? Try the same with more routes. Do you see them all?

Hello again, it appears they are all in there, I only added the routes as you suggested.  Is there a way to make the route when it comes up on the GPS in order?  Right now it is in no specific order, not even alphabetical, appears to be random #'s that do coincide with the route numbers.  Also the file extension coming from ACA is gdb not gpx.  Do I need to convert these to gpx and if so how?  You've been extremely helpful.
Thank you for your time and walking me through this.


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