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Recommendations on New England fall color ride for Seattlite


I am for recommendations for a fall color ride in New England.  I have no familiarity with the area and would love recommendations on where to go, whether to use a tour company (if so which one), best time of year to schedule, where to rent a bike or how to ship mine if I send mine.  I am looking for a 3-4 day trip with about 70 miles or less per day.  I am comfortable riding on the road/shoulder, but would prefer not to deal with a lot of traffic.

Do you have a preference for climbing (hint, Green Mountains) or staying in the valley (Lake Champlain or CT river)?

Is there a particular city or region you want to visit?

The state is very beautiful throughout. You do not have to go far to find its charm. My recommendation would be to setup base camp in a state park (tent or cabin), hostel, or B&B, and take daily trips from there. Excellent choices include Middlebury, Rochester, Woodstock, & Waterbury.

For a full loop, try one that combines all the cities I mentioned above + Burlington. The ACA Green Mountains Loop can give you a few ideas. The loop itself is 376 miles, longer than what you are looking for. You can use it to think about a loop around Lake Champlain or CT river.

Take a look at the Lake Champlain Bikeways map for ideas to ride in the valley with spectacular views of Lake Champlain, Green Mountains, & Adirondacks without the big climbs.

For a one way trip, try to see the entire state along route 100 from Canada to Massachusetts. There are several touring companies that offer this trip.

I can try to give you more details once you decide.


I realize this topic is a little old.  However, it may still be relevant to others.

A group of us did a 4 day ride from the Canadian Border, through Vermont, NH, and MA.  This would be a beautiful foliage ride... especially the VT and upper NH sections.

There is a Trip Report for this ride at



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