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Atlantic Coast Washington DC area
« on: April 10, 2013, 02:27:43 pm »
Years ago I rode all over FL and then north to upstate NY via a wandering self-defined course... On that trip, from Williamsburg, VA I swung out west through Maryland and PA rather than go through DC and NJ.  This coming summer my 15 year old son and I will be tentatively riding from Jacksonville, FL to upstate NY. The theme of the coming trip is east coast history. We will probably be using the Atlantic Coast route for part of the trip, I'll retrace the route I used in the past for other parts, and some parts will be newly self-defined.

Regarding the DC area on the Atlantic Coast route, how congested is it in the summer and how easy is it to find reasonable accommodations and camping in that area?  I don't want to subject my son to a high stress riding environment... this is supposed to be fun! My 2011 trip through the Rockies on the Transam and Lewis & Clark routes with my other son (then 15) taught me that more certainty is better than less certainty, and less congestion is better than more congestion!

Thanks for any information on your experiences.