Author Topic: Pacific Coast Highway - Section 4 - Map 47 & 48 Single Lane Restrictions  (Read 3209 times)

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Offline Pat

Hi - My wife and I did a preview drive (yes in our car) of part of the Pacific Coast Highway south of Monterey.  We can across two single lane restrictions due to road repair work.  The first was on Map 47, near Rocky Creek.  The second was on Map 48, near Lucia.  There is a bike button to push for the lights, presumably making them longer.  Both spots were extremely constricted.  The road width appeared to preclude a car and ANYTHING else coexisting on the lane - in other words, no passing room, from a car approaching from the front, or the rear.

What is the community experience with riding through this?  For instance, on Monday afternoon, the Rocky Creek stop was not staffed, and relied on light control, causing me to wonder if a heavily loaded bike would actually have time to get through the uphill toboggan run without getting creamed.  The second stop, near Lucia, was staffed, shorter, and more likely to be successfully negotiated.



Offline cgarch

There's not much you can do. Having been in exactly that situation, make sure that you get far as you can and if you see traffic headed towards you, start waving at least one hand. Optimally the bike button will give you a longer green light but I know it isn't easy. If you can at least see the other end of the traffic control zone it will help oncoming drivers to recognize your predicament.

Offline John Nelson

I've encountered that situation quite a few times. The worst was climbing Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Climbing at 5 MPH, there was no way I was going to make it through the construction before the automatic light reversed directions. I jumped the gun a little, starting as soon as the last car passed and before the light turned green. I rode as fast as I could. Nevertheless, I was still only halfway through when the cars starting coming at me. The drivers all understood my predicament, however, and accommodated me as best they could, either slowing to a crawl or stopping completely. If they moved over as far as they could, there was just enough room for me to squeeze by between their driver's side mirror and the concrete barrier. It's exciting!

In other cases where I've been going downhill through the construction, there's not a problem as I can keep up with the cars.