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Hi guys,

I am just buying a tent for the TransAm trip. From those who have done some bicycle touring, I was hoping to get a bit of advice. Would this tent be suitable?

It works out as about $290.

I will be travelling with one other person, so we need a 2 man.

I am not sure if this will be inadequate, or if I will be wasting money on expensive equipment which isn't needed! Any guidance would be really appreciated!

Pat Lamb:
Just as a general rule, I figure a tent advertised for N people actually fits N-1.  If you want a 2 person tent, buy one advertised for 3 people.  Maybe if you're very friendly, and get in right before you go to sleep, don't bring anything extra in, don't need space for glasses, and get out of the tent as soon as you wake up, you can use a 2-person tent; but having tried that, I go with the N-1 rule.

John Nelson:
I agree that unless you're pretty chummy, a 3P tent would be worth the extra weight.

If I look at all the 2P tents at REI in this price range ($220-$235), I find the REI half dome, the Marmot Limelight, the Marmot Earlylight, and the Mountain Hardware Drifter. Two of the other tents are about the same weight (a bit over 2 Kg) and same floor area (32 square feet). The REI half dome is heavier by a half kilogram, but has 6 extra square feet of floor space. All the other tents have more than twice the vestibule area, and more importantly, two doors and two vestibules. I think the two doors and two vestibules will be very much appreciated. All four tents are freestanding.

Thanks for the advice. Very helpful.

I think that I will go for a three man, with two doors. Probably this one:

Its a bit on the heavy side which worries me (Total Weight - 2,9 kg; Trail Weight - 2,63 kg ), but hopefully I'll manage!


--- Quote from: cyclingacrossmaerica on April 26, 2013, 10:14:59 am ---Its a bit on the heavy side which worries me (Total Weight - 2,9 kg; Trail Weight - 2,63 kg ), but hopefully I'll manage!

--- End quote ---

You can divvy up the tent parts between the two of you to equalize the weight, so it's not one person carrying the tent.


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