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My wife and I are planning a bicycle trip during this summer (as our honeymoon) from June to mid-September.
We would like to travel across North America, following and/or crossing the US/Canadian border from east to west.
The starting point will probably be New York (arriving by boat) and our final destination is Seattle where we'll take a plane back to Europe.
As this is probably going to be a once in a lifetime experience: what would be the nicest route(s) to follow?

Greetings from Belgium,


John Nelson:
The route that seems to meet your criteria the best is the ACA Northern Tier. At the western end, the NT will get you within a day's ride of Seattle. At the eastern end, there are many different routes possible from NYC up to the NT. One way would be to take the train to Albany, and then ride the Adirondack Park Loop up to the NT in eastern NY.

My wife and I celebrated our 30th anniversary my taking the transam from VA to Missoula,MT, then detoured north thru Seeley Lake, MT (which will take your near BEAUTIFUL glacier natl. park) where you can pick up the northern tier. We also ended in Seattle.  I've heard the North Dakota-Eastern Montana stretch of the Northern Tier can get boring (and with sometimes difficult headwinds and that direction). 
You would just need to plot a route to pick up the transam from NY.  If you wish to see a wider cross-section of america (and we think more scenic) I would recommend the transam over the northern tier in the east.
Be prepared for cold weather and possibly some snow traveling over the cascades in Mid-september.

ACA's Nothern Tier is a fine route. You cross into Canada twice, visiting Niagara Falls and Alberta, including Waterton Village, which has a drmatic campsite in town. And going to the Sun Road is Glacier National Park is one of the most scenic roads in the entire country.

Riding out of NYC can be tough, especially if you don't know the area. Fortunately, there are several rail options to get you out of the city.

The nice this about following one of ACA's route is that the maps who the location of services souch as camprgounds, bike shops, motels and grocery stores.

Thank you very much for your replies and also for the useful info.
Actually we considered the ACA TransAmerica Trail but we're afraid it will be to hot in the summer, especially the first half (from east to west).
About the ACA Northern Tier: if possible we would like to add more of Canada. So the route we are currently considering is as follows:
- leaving New York City with the NY State Bike Route 9 to Poughkeepsie, NY (85 miles)
- join the ACA Atlantic Coast to Bar Harbor, ME (542 miles)
- start the ACA Northern Tier and follow it until Ticonderoga, NY (401.5 miles)
  (or maybe as an alternative route take the ACA Green Mountains Loop from North Haverhill, NH to Port Kent, NY)
- from there rejoin the NY State Bike Route 9 to Rouses Point on the New York - Quebec border (92 miles)
- cross the border and follow the Route Verte to Montreal, QC (53 miles)
- go to Ottawa, ON on the Trans Canada Trail (300 miles)
- continue to Kingston, ON (160 miles) and join the Waterfront Trail that will take us to the Niagara Falls (260 miles)
- next from Fort Erie, ON along the ACA Lake Erie Connector to Wolf Lake, MI (504.5 miles)
- then follow the ACA North Lakes to Osceola, WI (873 miles)
- rejoin the Northern Tier to Whitefish, MT (1.585 miles)
- follow the ACA Great Parks North to Jasper, AB (616 miles)
- and finish with the Trans Canada Trail again that will take us to Vancouver (720 miles)
If the miles are added up we get something around 6000 miles.
We're ready to take a train or a ferry at some point during the trip, but I still don't know if this is a realistic project as a whole.
What parts of the route could easily be skipped and on the other hand which certainly can't be left out?
Any advice, comments or alternatives are more than welcome ...


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