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Hey guys,

Last year I cycled 5 mountain stages of the Tour de France for charity and want as many people to join me as possible this year, especially as it's the 100th one! We'll be both cycling and watching stages of this year's tour. Details are in the images below. This isn't a commercial post; I simply want as many people to experience this incredible experience as possible. All I'd ask is that we try to raise money for charities of our choosing.

We shall be cycling a number of past and present stages, along with watching 3 key stages this year. These are stages 15 (Mont Ventoux), 18 (Alpe-D'Huez), and 21 (Paris). I won't know exact costs per person, but I would be surprised if we have to pay more than £500 - 750 each, including petrol, toll road fees, accommodation etc. For those of you who may only be interested in spectating, I'm also looking for drivers for the trip.

Underneath are examples of the small write-ups of each day of cycling I've created for the trip, plus links to the videos of my charity ride last July, to give you an idea of what an amazing experience it will be! I've only included 2 examples (Itinerary and 1 of the cycling days) to abide by the 'maximum 2 attachments' posting rule on this forum, but I can email them to anyone who gets in touch)


5th day of cycling:

July 2012 charity ride links:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Condensed video of all 5 videos:
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