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The importance of always wearing a helmet

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Matt Sarad:

John Nelson:
Good story, but helmet discussions, like iPod discussions, never end until somebody locks the thread.

And make sure it fits snugly.  I got a bad concussion when wearing a helmet that was loose and slipped back as I fell so I landed hard on the pavement right ablve the right eye.

Pat Lamb:

--- Quote from: Matt Sarad on April 22, 2013, 03:39:55 pm ---I am off of work, healing a broken collar bone, five broken ribs, and some head trauma.

Had I had a helmet on, my head injuries would not be as severe.
--- End quote ---

Gotta wonder, if you had been wearing a helmet, would you be off work with only a broken collar bone and five broken ribs?

Matt Sarad:


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