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Lowly Swale:
I expect this has been discussed before but, can anyone either explain or direct me to an explanation for novices about blogging and why Crazyguyonabike is so popular and how does it work? Having looked at Crazyguyonabike home, there is just so much volume of information, how do you sift through to find something relevant to one's interest yet not be overwhelmed by the choice? How do you know where to look? Then, if deciding to start a blog, how does one place it in Crazyguyonabike so that it can be found? Why is Crazyguyonabike preferable to, say

I have cruised Crazy... on many occasions.  While the formatting and graphics are not on par with today's web style, it is a very informative and interesting website.  I agree there is a TON of info to sift through.  I have had reasonably good luck just using their search function to find more specific information.

If you think you will get lost on CGOAB then you will really be a small fish in the ocean on Blogger and other like sites.  CGOAB has a good search capability and tagging system. If you want to be "discovered and followed" then that's the place to be. Google in fact will yield good and recent search results on the CGOAB site.

While it does not have great flash CGOAB is technically rock solid and most importantly consistent. It works pretty good with everything including mobile.
Additionally the CGOAB journals read like a book whereas a blog is reverse chronology presentation.

Crazyguy is the gold standard.


--- Quote from: SlowAndSlower on April 28, 2013, 01:30:39 pm ---Additionally the CGOAB journals read like a book whereas a blog is reverse chronology presentation.

--- End quote ---

I think a good distinction to make between CGOAB and blogging templates like Blogger, Wordpress, etc. is Crazy Guy is a site for travel journals. which isn't always the same as a "blog". (At least in my head.) CGOAB is a community of travel journals all about bicycle touring. So if all you want to do is talk about bicycle tours, it's probably the best place to go.

However, if you wanted to talk about bicycle tours and other stuff that may or may not be related to bicycling, a personal blog on a blogging template like Wordpress, Blogger, etc would be the way to go. These sites have the the added benefits of customization of design and all that, something CGOAB doesn't provide.

As for "reading like a journal", there are ways to create linear-reading journals with Wordpress, Blogger, etc, usually by creating "categories". A good example of using Wordpress to do that is here, check out trip reports on the right of the page:


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