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Connecting Southern Tier to Western Express


I'm considering riding the Southern Tier E-> W late September until November. I'd like to connect to the Western Express near Durango, CO from Silver City NM. Anybody have any experience with this?

You might want to contact the New Mexico Bicycle Pedestrian Equestrian coordinator. Their suitability/bicycle map shows traffic counts and shoulder widths to help you select roads. The coordinator should also know about the feasibility of riding them that time of year. Her contact info and a link to the map can be found here:

Report back what you find out, I'm sure others would find it helpful either now or in the future. Thanks!

Hope this helps,

November on the Western Express?!?

Having ridden the Nevada portion of the Western Express I'm not sure riding in November is a good idea.  The passes will be cold and there is a good possibility of snow.  Even the valleys can be very cold.  If you do it bring gear to keep you warm.

Did you ever work out a route to Durango?  We're westboud on ST now.  Had planned to continue to Grand Canyon Connector but we're more than ready to start angling away from the west headwinds.  If not from Silver City, then another option we're considering is to continue on ST to Globe then head northwest through Payson and Flagstaff to Grand Canyon.  How are those roads (188, 87,...) for traffic and shoulders?


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