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Hey guys so i'm planning a long trip across canada and it will be my first long term expedition. i've been looking into different types of bikes and from what i can tell there are specific bikes for touring i was hoping for a little insight on what would be the best type of bike for mostly roads with light offroading terrain? any other advise is welcome regarding gear, camping or anything else you think may be helpfull

Thanks for your time

John Nelson:
This web site has a great how-to department that provides background on all your questions. I suggest you start there. Specifically on the topic of touring bike selection, start here:

You will do better if you do some research and then come back with more specific questions.  With the vague questions in your post I wouldn't know where to start.  Start by figuring out what kind of roads you plan to ride (paved, dirt, gravel?) and what you plan to do wrt lodging (motels, heavy camping and cooking, light camping and cooking, ultralight camping and cooking?).

When you have a good idea of all that, it will be easy to decide what to ride and what baggage is needed.

Sweet thanks a lot guys i'll post again when i've worked out a couple details


--- Quote from: darren.pinkham on May 06, 2013, 05:21:32 pm ---Sweet thanks a lot guys i'll post again when i've worked out a couple details

--- End quote ---
Great.  I look forward to hearing from you as you have questions.

Sorry I couldn't provide better answers yet.


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