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transiting TX/NM on the Southern route
« on: May 13, 2013, 09:31:46 am »
Hi, all--Just last month I met retired couple Nancy & Steve pedaling West through El PasoTX on the Southern route from FL to CA. They were on 76/North Loop Road, which has the Eastern terminus in FabensTX & Western terminus at the junction of Delta/Trobridge. They showed me their route map provided by AC and I was shocked; both Mesa Street & NM28 were suggested routes--but both are AMAZAINGLY BAD! Mesa Street/TX20 was highlighted to cross to the Westside and it is a TERRIBLE cycling route. I strongly recommended that once they get to the aforementioned junction, they pedal on Trowbridge West to Paisano, South to Yandell, West to Kansas, South to Paisano/US85 (not a particularly good route but at least no hillwork like Mesa!), West to Racetrack exit, cross under 85 to Doniphan, which become NM478 into Las CrucesNM. Once there, they can take US70 West until it merges with I-10 West (after climbing a long escarpment out of the Rio Grande floodplain), which is posted for bicycles as well as motor vehicles. Now, please understand that El PasoTX does not have ANY  good cycling routes for transiting between East & West, especially since there is much roadworks currently in progress. This is particularly true of NM28 between La UnionNM & Stahlman Farms. I am working with the MPO to improve multi-modal transportation routes, but for now, I recommend as above. 
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Re: transiting TX/NM on the Southern route
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Thanks for writing to let us know of an improved suggested routing through El Paso. I'll put this information in the file for review. Local cyclists and cyclists riding our routes are time and again our best resources for improvements such as these.


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