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We just heard from a guy in Bardstown that Howardstown Road (through Howardstown) is closed due to flooding. We are going to hop on the 583 to New Haven and then the 31E to rejoin the route at the junction of the 84 and the 470. Hope this helps some other riders!
Jana and Tom

Thanks for the info, jana! I have also tweeted it out on the #acaTransAm hashtag. if you're on Twitter, would love to have you use it along the way to report in on flooding and good food stops, too!

Enjoy your TransAm journey!


Sorry Jennifer, we don't tweet! But I'll certainly continue to post any relevant info we stumble upon. In terms of food, we just ate at Brooks Cafe in Sonora and it was AWESOME. The owner was telling us that there have been fewer transam cyclists showing up these last few years. A pity. Definitely highly recommended. They're open Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm.

No worries, Jana! Keep posting here, I'll forward them on to Twitter.

Hope your trip has been great.


We are traveling the Trans Am, and just rode this section today.  Hwy 247 does have a bridge out.  We were told that traffic was backed up and busy along 31e, so we opted to continue straight on 457 into New Hope, then turned right on 84 into Howardstown.  This is a nice alternative, about the same mileage, and very little traffic.


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