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can anyone suggest a good route from seattle to  meet the northern tier route in Burlington, Wa.?

These two posts from earlier discussions should be helpful:

Hope this helps,

John Nelson:
Unless you already have plane tickets to Seattle, I would recommend flying into Bellingham. Frontier, probably the most bike-friendly airline in the world, flies into there and my flight to Bellingham was cheaper than a flight into Seattle. Furthermore, my bike and equipment bag flew free. Bellingham is a small airport. You can assemble your bike right at baggage claim and it's an easy ride out of the airport. You can follow the Pacific Coast route the short distance down to Bay View (or on to Anacortes if you prefer, like I did) to pick up the Northern Tier.

John....thanks for the help. I am flying from the east coast and have my ticket to Seattle. I did find that there is an Amtrak to Mt Vernon from which I can pick up the NT trail. Have not made a final decision but really don't want to ride through Seattle proper. The city looks pretty confusing...

Yep, Amtrak is an easy option from Seattle to Mount Vernon. If you want to start at the true start of the NT in Anacortes, this will require about 20 miles of backtracking, or taking the Skagit County Transit bus out there.


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