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Touring within Ohio, State Park campground policy


Good afternoon all, as a long time stalker of both the ACA website and forums, I have finally decided to create a forum account  :o

Last weekend, I decided to do a short tour from the Dayton, OH area down to the southern part of the state. It wasn't a huge multi-century run or anything, as I am still building up, both physically, mentally, and financially for those, but I ran across an issue when I attempted to crash for the night at one of the state parks.

Granted, this was during a holiday weekend, thus it was to be expected (and planned for), but I didn't take this into account in the planning stage of this trip. The issue is that Ohio does not have a "No bicyclist turned away" policy that I have read about. In light of this, I would like to submit a proposal to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to get something into effect that so this would not happen to other individuals who may tour across the state.

I have attached the proposal to this thread, and hopefully, I can get a few suggestions on the next steps.

Thank you,


edit: I have corrected the name of the deparment from Ohio Department of National Resources to the correct, Ohio Department of Natural Resources. I love MS Word's autocorrect feature!

Hi Randomguyonabike,

I think you are definitely on the right track with turning in a proposal to the DNR. I would suggest getting in touch with the folks at Five Rivers Metro Parks. They can help you direct your proposal to the appropriate departments.

Kind Regards,

Adam Reel
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Better yet - Hiker/Biker camping in Ohio state parks.

I live just above Dayton and occasionally take the route towards Cinci as well as other places.  If you are ever thinking of doing another short tour I may get lucky and have it fall on a weekend I can go.


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