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Loop tour in Northern NH or Maine

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Looking to do a loop ride/fully loaded tour in N. NH or maine in early august. 40-60 miles per day.  Any suggestions?  Would prefer to stay away from Acadia.

oh yeah, and 5-6 days. (200-300 miles)

Here's what I did a while back:

Nice!  A definite possibility, thank you.

Are you interested in mountains, coast, lakes, or a sampler of the area?

All three regions are worth the trip and can fit within your schedule. Start in Portland, ME and travel to Sebago Lake, Conway, Crawford Notch, Franconia Notch trail, loop back on the Kacamagus Highway, Ossipee Lake, Portsmouth, and then return to Portland along the cost. This should be just about 500km.

The White Mountains will have plenty of climbing. Plan accordingly or choose alternate routes.

Fly into Portland directly. Or walk your bike (with reservation) on Amtrak from Boston North Station to Portland.


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