Author Topic: Looking for riding companions for Cancer Awareness ride MO to San Diego CA ASAP!  (Read 1560 times)

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Looking for companions riders from MO to San Diego CA.
ProJeKt 3000 is a Childhood Cancer Awareness project. Navid Attayan began his journey to spread awareness for Childhood Cancer, specifically Neuroblastoma on May 25th, 2013. His riding buddy and best friend had an accident 3 days into their journey and had to end his ride. Navid has been riding solo ever since.
Yesterday (06/10/13) Navid was nearly robbed on Hwy 60 in Dexter,MO by 3 men in a stolen truck. Thanks for several of his Facebook followers, the police were called and the men were arrested and Navid had Police watching his ride for several miles. Due to this near horrific incident, Navid is asking for companion riders to join him whenever possible on his route to San Diego. Each town he enters, he is spreading awareness for Childhood Cancer and letting people know that Children get cancer too and that funding is DESPERATEly needed for the little guys.

If you can join Navid...if even for a few miles to more, he would really appreciate the company. Riders are needed for safety, not only companionship. If you can help at all, please call me at 314-800-4201 (MO #) or you can contact Navid on his website ProJeKt3000/facebook  or I don't have his direct #, when I do get it, I will post it for him.

ALso....if you can help getting news reporters, newspaper attention for him as he visits the towns on his route, that would be AWEsome.

It takes one voice to get the nation speaking. Navid has started  his voice..will you join in and help him make this a SUCCESSFUL ride and make ALL of the U.S. aware of his ride and cause.

Thankyou for reading. Please visit ProJeKt3000. Navid is riding 3000 miles/8wks/one cause! He is in his 3rd week of riding solo..please join him if you can.

Thankyou...and ride safely!
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