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Hello all - I have *heard* that not all border crossings are conducive to bikes, specifically, that the one in Brockville is a grated surface. Any knowledge on this crossing? Or others along the St. Lawrence?

I've only crossed into canada at Rouses Point, NY by lake champlain... but can you look at google satellite to actually see? I would think that there must be some bike friendly way w/o grates or so if that is indeed an issue cause I wonder if pedestrians would have to go through that too...   You could always contact the border station and ask...


John Nelson:
From time to time, we encounter all sorts of road conditions not ideally suitable to bikes. Border crossings are no different. In each situation, we adapt as necessary. Ride more slowly or even walk if warranted. It's a short-term inconvenience.

John, your post gave me a chuckle this morning because it's a good message for life as much as it is for bicycling. If it were sufficient, however, then 90% of the information sought on this site could be answered the same way and away we would all go with out stick and our lunch in our handkerchief! :)  So, if I have a choice between crossing A or crossing B, and I'm loaded for touring, and Crossing A is the kind of cattle grate that would require me to either puncture my tires, or haul my bike and my tired carcass for a half mile walk, I'd like to know in advance. Meant with love and respect and a smile.


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