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Planning a loop trip from Ashland, Oregon. So far taking Redwoods Highway via Grants Pass to intersect PCH at Crescent City then down to Arcata.  Next we want to go east to connect with the SC route.  Anyone have experience with California highways 299, 96, or 3.  Leaning towards highway 299 all the way to 89.  Thanks for any first hand info or links that may be out there.  I've looked at the California state highway site.  Really interested in condition of the road and how biker friendly it may be.

Hi Workinman,

I think CA 299 is in CalTrans District 1. You might contact the Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator for that district to see what information they have about it's suitability.

Please report back on what you find out.


If you can afford the time, I would recommend heading a little farther south to highway 36.  It has 10 times less traffic than 299.  When I was planning a similar trip last year, I was strongly advised against 299.  Highway 36 was a pleasure.  Lightly trafficked and nice campgrounds at each end of Trinity National Forest.  It is nice east of Red Bluff too all the way to Lassen.

I cannot not recommend biking on 199 in California. There are many places that are very narrow, with no shoulder blind curves, anxious locals trying to get around anxious tourists (especially RV's) and not anticipating bicyclists because few ever ride that route.

Thanks for the replies.  I sent a message off the CA highway person, Alyson Hunter, and am awaiting her thoughts.  I like the highway #36 idea and am doing some time and distance calculations.  299 has not receive any ringing endorsements yet so it is probably out of the running.  Again, thanks to all who took the time to reply.


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