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Does anyone have experience going up after 4 PM ? I have read posts about it, but all were describing getting to the summit before 11 AM, when the restrictions on bicycles kick in. I am going to be there the 27th of July, which is during those restrictions. My route will be to the top, hang around a bit up there, then back down the way I came to Apgar or Sprague campground. Is there a big drawback to doing the late afternoon/evening ride when restrictions are lifted (after 4 PM) as opposed the the morning ride that I am not understanding? Thanks.

John Nelson:
Sorry, I have not ridden up after 4. I would suspect, however, that traffic will be more of an issue then. I did ride up at first light and was able to get almost all the way to the top before the cars started coming. It's a much, much better ride without cars.

Depends somewhat on whether you are starting after 4PM, or whether you will be on the climb, finishing after 4PM. If the latter, no problem. If the former, if you see three or more motor vehicles piling up behind, get off the road and let them pass, same as you should do on any road.

John Nettles:
Just to clarify, the restriction is only between Sprague and Logan Pass east bound.  You are allowed to ride west bound on any part of the road at anytime.  You can go east bound from Logan Pass at anytime.  If you wanted to depart east bound Sprague CG after 4:00pm, I would think it would not be too bad as the vast majority of the traffic will have lessened as everyone is back in camp, heading home, etc.  The NPS must think it is OK/safe/not impede traffic to ride east bound up the road after 4pm so I would say go for it.  The pros are warmer (it can get quite cold at the top, especially coming down), the sun will be lighting up a lot of the mountains behind you so not in your eyes, and you can sleep in.  Cons are probably more traffic and the warm may be a pain heading uphill.

Be sure to report back for future inquiries!

Happy Trails!

Thanks...I misunderstood the rules. I thought I had to be up to Logan Pass and back down to Sprague again by 11 or else wait at the top till 4 to descend back to Sprague. You info makes it much easier to leave in the AM. Here is a link for future inquiries...I just misunderstood the info on the link when I posted my question.
I would still like to know if anyone actually rode up after 4. Thanks all.


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